Who Am I?

The picture shows me and my wonderful girlfriend, Pernilla. And yes - it is fake!

I was born February 1, 1974, at the hospital in Umeå and was given the name Christoffer Holmlund. When my parents got married later the same year my name changed to Christoffer Nilsson, which I'm known as today.
I grew up in a small town called Nordmaling where I went to school until the age of 16. I attended high school in Umeå and studied science for three years. During those years I had to go by bus between Nordmaling and Umeå every day. The summer after high school graduation I moved to Umeå to Rågången 1A in Berghem, and at the end of the summer I attended the University of Umeå where I studied computer science for four and a half year. One year after I had moved to Umeå I had to move again - to a part of the town called Mariehem where I lived in a two room flat on the ground floor. In September 1996 I moved to a smaller (one room) apartment on the second floor on the same street.

30th of June 1997 I moved to a city called Sundsvall where I worked as an intern for Telia ProSoft AB (Link for internal Use only) for 7 weeks. After those seven weeks I wrote my masters thesis for 20 weeks, entitled "Inquiry on the Merits of 3D Internet Browsers", at the same company. The thesis was finished in February 1998.

    After finishing my thesis I started looking for a real job, preferably in Stockholm, so now I am working for the Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden (FFA), with flight simulation at FLSC, The Swedish Air Force Air Combat Simulation Center. FFA is located in Bromma just outside of Stockholm, which by the way is the capital of Sweden. I live not too far from my job in a suburb called Solna.

In my spare time I mostly listen to music such as Guns N' Roses, Megadeth, Metallica, Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, and so on. I also like to read, especially work by Edgar Allan Poe, and I have written some poems on my own, some of which can be accessed over the web.
I'm also something of a movie freak and I watch movies as often as I get the chance. When I get to like a movie I can see it like a billion times. One of the greatest movies of all time is Falling Down but there are loads of other great movies out there such as: The Matrix, True Romance, Pulp Fiction, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and so on... As you can see I am a Disney freak...
Ok, so I spend a lot of time in front of a computer, and you might ask what the hell I am doing? Well, I work a lot with graphics, preferably in 3D Studio, and Adobe PhotoShop. I make mostly graphics to use on the web, which you can see for example on my homepage or the FLSC web page.

My address:
Christoffer Hallqvist
Langelandsgatan 41, 1tr
SE-164 43 Kista

Phone (work): +46 (0)8 5550 3186
Phone (home): +46 (0)8 730 51 58
Phone (mobile): +46 (0)70 686 70 04

Mail me: qrisse@poedecoder.com